Online Sponsorship - Setting up Guide

The online Virgin Money Giving sponsorship form is very easy to set up as indicated below

Individual Donations

If anyone wants to make a donation without getting involved in the event in any way thay can select the ONLINE SPONSORSHIP tab on this site or log on to and simply select the amount to donate.

Setting up "Virgin Money Giving" for a team

This is done by the Team Leader or Swimathon co-ordinator who in the latter case can be a non swimmer as for schools, clubs etc.

The Team Leader                                                                                                                Selects the Virgin Money Tab on this web site, clicks the blue tab "Start Fund Raising" and follows the instructions.

Page 1   

- Enter your email addres  Press NEXT

Page 2   

- Enter your name, address,post code and password                                                   

- Click 18 or over                                                                                                          

- On the section " Have any of your chairites contributed to the event"   

Click NO  

- Tick the T & C box                                                                                                           

- Click  REGISTER 

Page 3   


Enter a team name                                                                                                                 

- Enter your team members email address

- Press Search

Page 4     

- If this person is not registered with Virgin Money Giving then this message will be displayed " Sorry wer'e drawing a blank. This person isn't registered with us. Send an invite and we'll add them to your team when they register" 

Press SEND EMAIL                                                                                                              (Virgin Money will then send these memebrs an email inviting them to register. All they have to do is enter name, address and password and once registered they will automaticlly show as part of the team)                                                 

- DONT PRESS NEXT YET                                                                                           

(Scroll back up, add more team member's emails and repeat the process ONLY when the team is complete)                                                                                        

Press NEXT 

Page 5    

- "What is your fundraising challenge"       

- Enter Swimathon20 and Press NEXT 

Page 6      

- Click the Swimathon20 event arrow on the right

- Click CREATE PAGE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • The team leader can edit the team's page to include a write up of the team, a photograph and a target sum to raise. Suggest the leader includes a brief desciption of the Rotary charities and any other charity or organisation that the team is raising money for and the names of their team members. 
  • Multiple teams can also be set up with the same leader by selecting New Challenge. 
  • On joining the team each member will get an email from Virgin Money Giving with a "Team Web Address". Just copy and paste this address to all your email contacts or whatever means to family, friends and colleagues asking them for sponsorship. All sponsors then nominate monies to donate online and these will be paid automaticlly into the Swimathon20 fund. Teams can then monitor online funds raised.                                                                                                                                                                                          A VERY SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE PROCEDURE